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Welcome to Xnine

Welcome to Xnine Communication

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Creation is the essence of the Universe. Some creations are visible by naked eyes but some are not. We are blessed with brain having ideas and it always works on lot of things simultaneously. Innovative ideas always leave deep impression on minds whereas befitting presentations add their own charm. Whole of the world is working on innovation. Nothing is permanent in this cosmos but the "change" and we are also making efforts to play our part towards this "change" but with innovation.

  • About Us

    We began as the newest players in the advertising industry  in  Islamabad in the year 2003 with the name “Xposure Advertising and Marketing (Pvt.)Ltd “ . In the year 2009  we restructured ourselves with the new name “Xnine Communication (Pvt.)Ltd

    A bold step from a young agency

    We launched multiple offices in Islamabad Lahore and Hyderabad in 2010.
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    30-C/II 24th Commercial Street DHA Phase II Extension, Karachi.

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